Vivaldi: The Four Seasons is the iTunes Classical Essentials highlight of the week!

Janine Jansen’s bestselling recording of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” is the iTunes Classical Essentials highlight on iTunes stores globally this week. This recording has been Mastered for iTunes directly from the original recording source master for optimum sound quality.

For this recording, Janine decided to look at Vivaldi’s classical favourite differently and enlisted the help of the musicians in her family for this fresh approach:

“Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” is usually performed with a full-size string orchestra, but for this recording we stripped the forces down to just five solo strings plus harpsichord, organ and theorbo (a sort of lute). This approach all started with an experiment. I began playing the Bach concertos with reduced orchestra, to see what it would sound like – and I found it worked extremely well. So I decided to give it a go with Vivaldi as well. It feels fantastic to do it this way, because it creates a wonderfully transparent sound and it allows the musicians to be very flexible in colouring, dynamics and timing.
When we toured the Netherlands playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with solo accompaniment, the response from the public was fantastic, and it all gave me such a good feeling that I was keen to make a recording of it. Of course, I thought long and hard about getting the right people to play in such a small ensemble, since I knew it had to be the right mix. The result is a superb group of players that includes my brother Maarten on the cello, and my father Jan at the harpsichord. The recording itself was very intense, but very enjoyable too.” (Janine Jansen)