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About the Album

Janine releases a brand new Bach recording, joined by a hand-picked group of friends all exceptional musicians.

This is energizing Bach, which is lustrous, new and vital made available in vivid, full studio-quality, sound.

Recording the popular E major and A minor concertos alongside the Violin and Oboe Concerto in C minor and two violin sonatas for the first time, Jansen and her ensemble explore these well-known works with a spirit of complete freshness.

In the double concerto she is joined by two-time ECHO Award winner Ramón Ortega Quero. Janine’s ensemble accompaniment on the recording includes her brother, cellist Maarten Jansen, and her father, harpsichordist Jan Jansen.

Album Info

Release date: September 8, 2013
Label: Decca
Number of discs: 1